Behind the elegant appearance of the lily lie some very special stories. They symbolise love, purity, transience and femininity. This symbolism can be seen across the globe. The first stories on this flower date back to the Classical Era, when ancient Greeks and Romans gave brides a crown made of lilies. And not just because it looked pretty, but in the hope of a pure and fertile life. The lily symbolises virginity, peace, spiritual love, innocence, transience, royalty, purity and because of their eye-catching phallic pistil fertility.
The lily is also the perfect flower for your interior. With its stylish look, the flower suits every trend and style, from a sleek modern design to an elegant, classical one or a fashionable colourful interior. As the name suggests, Yourlily is all about your lily. Enjoy our Yourlily website and let the beauty of the lily and its uses, elegance and range inspire you.